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Keep your Personal Brand from getting a Red Card! - 5 ways to create a powerful Code of Conduct in business!


Learning Objectives

1. The one question that your employees need to answer as they continue to develop their Personal Brand and Professional Presence.

2. Five traits that will help you create a strong Professional Presence.

3. How to create a strong personal brand online by following a simple three step approach.

4. This is so simple that we learned it in pre-school, but we always don't follow it.


The most powerful brand in business today is -YOU! You are working hard on developing your personal brand and reputation, no matter where you are in the workplace today. And as you continue to grow personally and professionally, you should always be asking yourself: What do I want people to think of when they think of me? That is where your Professional Presence comes in and it ties directly into your Personal Brand. How we act, behave and communicate can create impressions of ourselves to others, whether it is at the office, in a client meeting or even online. Learn some tips and techniques to "outclass your competition" and elevate your personal brand (and professional presence) in the workplace today.


Like you, Bob Pacanovsky has seen the "good enough" mentality when it comes to how people behave, act and serve people in the workplace. Do people truly know that they are now being observed in almost everything that they do? Today you need not only to create a lasting customer experience, you need to make sure that your employees deliver that experience with wonderful communication, actions and behaviors. You can't have one without the other to succeed. You want to create an experience and an impression that LASTS in the minds of your clients. Bob launched a new company, The Vation Group, in January, 2015, after selling his catering and event company that he founded in 2000. He now has his speaking and training business on his own website ( and has Hospitality and Event Consulting with The Vation Group. Bob has spoken to numerous companies, colleges and organizations, including the national American Bus Association Conference, the national Catersource/Event Solutions conference in Las Vegas, the COSE Small Business Convention, and The Ohio Society of CPA Conferences. He is Facilitator for The Corporate University at Kent State - Stark Campus and Heart to Heart Communications.


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