About the NOHRC Committee

The NOHRC committee is comprised of 25 HR professionals from across Northeast Ohio. Our committee is dedicated to designing a conference that will meet the wants and needs of our attendees and exhibitors, and make a lasting impression for years to come.

Leading this year’s conference committee is our Chair Amanda Thompson and Vice Chair Jackie Tesar.

Connect with our Committee:

Conference Chairs: nohrc@clevelandshrm.com

Sponsor and Exhibitors: EEvans@maloneynovotny.com

Speakers: ahines@vitamix.com

Amanda Thompson

2018 NOHRC Chair

Jackie Tesar

2018 NOHRC Co-Chair

Committee Members

Scott Adamonis Anna Gibson  Gene Karlen
Kim Burk Christina Gibson Amy Liberty
Denise Coats Bob Haas  Mike Medoro 
Heather Eby Jenny Haskell Jamie Marks 
Edward Evans  Mike Hoffman Kristin Siroki 
Lisa Finnerty Alison Hines Pam Smith
Ron Smith