Jenn Lim

CEO & Chief Happiness Officer
Delivering Happiness

Sessions With Jenn Lim

Make Happy Work
Date: Mar 23, 2018 Beginning at 12:30 PM
Learning Objective
  1. How happiness as a business model equals profits, passion, and purpose;
  2. Understand why culture is your brand and brand is your culture;
  3. Ways to build company culture;
  4. Ways to enhance customer experience and engagement;
  5. Ways to increase brand awareness;
  6. Actionable takeaways on culture, brand, and customer loyalty;
  7. Skills and ideal mindset to master body, mind and spirit in a way that energizes, engages, and focuses on you/your team;
  8. Strategies to build more happiness at work and at home;
  9. Flexible thinking skills and leadership strategies; and,
  10. Techniques to explore and develop conscious leadership.

More About Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim is the CEO and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Delivering Happiness (DH), a company she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos.com) co-founded to inspire science-based happiness, passion and purpose at work, home and in everyday life. Jenn has been a consultant with Zappos from its start-up days in 2003 to $2B business it is today. She created the Zappos Culture Book, and embodiment of how companies can use happiness as a business model to increase productivity and profitability.

Jenn’s experience with Zappos, combined with her development of scientific frameworks for workplace happiness, created the evidence that happier employees = happier customers = successful companies (and meaningful lives). Jenn has travelled to over 30 countries to speak on this equation and most importantly, share the practical ways of HOW this equation works.

Upon the discovery that every organization can have similar results, DH evolved into the culture coach-sulting company it is today… to help businesses, hospitals, and governments actualize their own sustainable culture for positive ROI.