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Sessions With Dave Rendall

The Freak Factory: Making Employees Better by Helping Them Get Worse
Date: Beginning at 8:00 AM
Learning Objective
  1. To identify employee “strengths” and “weaknesses”;
  2. Identify how to utilize employee “weaknesses” as actual performance enhancers;
  3. Learn and digest the causes of poor employee engagement and review strategies for enhancing employee engagement within their organization; and,
  4. Explore the connection between employee engagement and productivity and review the application strategies you can deploy in your organization.

More About Dave Rendall

During the last fifteen years, David Rendall has spoken to audiences on every inhabited continent. His clients include the US Air Force, Australian Government, and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, United Health Group, Fannie Mae, and State Farm.

 Prior to becoming a speaker, he was a leadership professor and stand-up comedian. He also managed nonprofit enterprises that provided employment for people with disabilities.

In between presentations, David competes in ultramarathons and Ironman triathlons.

David has a doctor of management degree in organizational leadership, as well as a graduate degree in psychology. He is the author of three books:

- The Four Factors of Effective Leadership

- The Freak Factor

- The Freak Factor for Kids