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Todd Hunt

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Communication Fouls and Blunders in Business


You said one thing; your employee, coworker or manager heard something else. Nobody is wrong, but now everyone is confused - and you have to handle it! Laugh and learn as Todd Hunt shares important lessons wrapped in humor, demonstrating how HR professionals and businesspeople can communicate better and become more successful.
  • Tune in to where your listener is "coming from," and tailor your communication style to leverage people and process in pursuit of profitability
  • Discover the eight problem words that could cause you to lose valued employees or customers
  • Re-think your voice mail greeting to eliminate confusion and save time>


    Funnier than a business speaker; more informative than a comedian, Todd Hunt speaks to organizations that want to add fun to their events and send members out the door smiling - with tips to improve communication and success. He has spoken at 20 SHRM events, including the 2012 national conference in Atlanta, plus South Carolina, Ohio, New York and Maryland state conferences...and was the opening keynote speaker at the inaugural HR Conference Cruise this past January.

    As an executive at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world's largest advertising agencies, Todd learned the inner workings of communication. Additional positions with an insurance administrator, direct marketing company and a major retailer confirmed what he had suspected all along -- people miscommunicate every day!

    In 1991, he started his own business, The Hunt Company, a marketing agency in Chicago. One day he discovered that people were eager to hear his funny, true examples of sales, customer service, leadership and change, which he gathered during his years in business. Now a professional speaker, he inspires thousands of people each year to improve communication and success.

    Todd is the author of two books: Communication Bleeps and Blunders in Business and Pardon Me, But That's a Really Stupid Sign! He has been profiled in the Chicago Tribune, WGN Radio and CLTV. His newspaper column appears in the United States and Canada.


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