Evan Ishida, Jack Ricchiuto, Jen Margolis

Evan Ishida, Jack Ricchiuto, Jen Margolis

Organization - Thrive At Work


Teams That Thrive Build Habits of Learning

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss the science behind growing habits of learning as a way to strengthen a thriving team culture.

2. Work with peers to build a practice of creating learning questions for individuals and teams.

3. Apply mindfulness principles to build awareness of learning in the moment.

4. Practice team approaches to sharing stories and experiences that support learning.



In this session, the Thrive at Work team will lead an interactive and engaging experience where participants will learn how much culture impacts the way we grow and learn in our organizations. Thrive at Work helps clients to grow thriving cultures by focusing on habits of Belonging, Learning, Purpose, Courage, and Self-Care. When habits are developed in these five areas, a thriving culture can emerge. The facilitators will introduce the science of habits and the connection between culture growth and employee growth. Participants will experience activities that let them learn and reflect on their own cultures and how they can take immediate action to build thriving work environments that support employee growth.


Evan Ishida - The work I love is designing solutions and experiences that help people learn, collaborate, create, and innovate together. As a proud Ohio University Bobcat, I began my career as an internal consultant, and team leader in large global Fortune 200 corporations where I focused on learning and development, instructional design, communities of practice, and learning technologies. In 2010 I helped to co-found a nonprofit whose mission is to connect young people to organizations, issues, and institutions in Greater Cleveland. In 2013, I left the corporate world to fuse my professional and civic passions by pursuing entrepreneurial efforts in consulting and technology, all leading me to help form Thrive At Work. Every day I get to partner with the most talented people in the world, and have a ton of fun along the way. When not "on the clock", I connect in a community of local music lovers to see live shows. As we say, Cleveland Rocks!

Jack Ricchiuto - From the work I began over 3 decades ago, I continue to be interested in how everything that goes well in organizations and communities comes about because we're working and living from good questions. It's becoming more clear that our potential for thriving in this world of ever-growing complexity and change is equal to our ability to navigate from the right questions at the right time. My work is inspired by my 20 books and supported by client projects across over 2 dozen industries. The footprint of my experience includes conference keynote speaker, graduate and post-graduate faculty, business journalist, researcher, entrepreneurship coach and master storyteller. My books include Collaborative Creativity, Accidental Conversations, Project Zen, Appreciative Leadership, Mountain Paths, Conscious Becoming, Instructions from the Cook, The Stories that Connect Us, The Enchantment of Casual Origins, The Joy of Thriving, Ordinary Eyes, The Agile Canvas Field Guide, Abundant Possibilities, The Power Of Circles, Making Sense Of Time, Beyond Recipes, Focus, Smarter Together, Growing Ideas and The Art Of Conversations. I continue the oldest daily blog in Northern Ohio since 2002. The industries I've served include aerospace, accounting, automotive, biotech, business consulting, consumer products, commercial products, community development, design/build, economic development, education, finance, government, health care, IT, insurance, legal, libraries, manufacturing, marketing, non-profits, organization consulting, publishing, start-ups, sustainability and telecommunications. I have worked with multi-billion dollar global companies, Silicon Valley investors, aboriginal communities, regional civic networks, foundations, government organizations and non-profits. With a graduate degree focused in positive psychology from Goddard College, I have taught at the Harvard Kennedy School, UC Berkeley and Kent State University.

Jen Margolis - My passion is helping people find and use their strengths to move toward their biggest vision. My career began as a community organizer with refugees and grew to designing and facilitating programs for international professionals including grassroots women leaders in Egypt. These experiences led me to management consulting focusing on strategic planning, leadership development, community and education based program development and executive coaching. I loved growing capacity with small community health programs and large regional planning initiatives, helping a small orchestra plan for their future with a brilliant new conductor and making the right connections across a neighborhood embarking on a P16 education initiative. A few years ago I co-founded Thrive, a volunteer run group designing happiness experiences in Cleveland, which led to working with the incredibly talented Thrive At Work Team, helping people love their work. My work is supported by graduate studies in international social work and positive organization development and certificates in positive psychology and yoga.


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