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Sell Out The Stadium! Create Raving Fans and Engaged Audiences!

Application on the Job

1. Create a culture of engagement where everyone has a role to play.

2. Develop greater engagement by focusing on growth and creativity levers.

3. Discover creative training ideas that can help enage participants in learning.

4. Develop greater engagement by playing to people's strengths and passions.


Does your organization want people who show up and put in just enough to get the job done? Or do you want people who are rocking at their jobs, excited to be there, losing themselves in their work, and unleashing their creativity and potential? What will it take? We cannot WIN without engagement!

As Talent Development/HR professionals, we hear the word engagement thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? And more important, how do we help people learn what it takes to cultivate it? Here's a hint: Casual Fridays and ping-pong tables won't cut it! Combining high energy, music, spontaneity, storytelling, and audience interaction, the speaker will dive into the conversations you need to have and the behaviors and skills you can help people develop to truly create a culture of engagement - in work and in life!

We'll uncover the everyday things that you can do to create an environment where everyone excels instead of doing the minimum required. Where everyone not only learns, but thrives. Where everyone struts through the office as confident as Mick Jagger on stage and performs like never before!


Rick Lozano. Engage. Develop. Inspire.

These are the things Rick Lozano does best in his own, unique way - sometimes with a guitar in hand. Combining his talents as a facilitator, speaker, singer/songwriter, and musician, Rick creates an environment that is the definition of fun, engaged learning.

As a thought leader in talent and leadership development for more than 17 years, Rick has coached, mentored, and developed thousands of people from across the globe. As an in-demand international keynote speaker, he has built a reputation for his energy, music, and refreshing delivery that leaves audiences raving and - more importantly - with action items that can be immediately implemented to produce change. He has worked with organizations as diverse as Roche Diagnostics and James Madison University, and resides full time at Rackspace Hosting in San Antonio, Texas.

As a songwriter, Rick first developed his passion by scoring music for live theatre productions while at the University of Texas at Austin. He has since released six albums of original songs, was a finalist in a national NPR songwriting competition, and still finds joy in playing live music whenever possible.

These days you will find him working on his first book, crafting his next collection of tunes, and helping to shape the future of the learning and development community through activities like serving on the Program Advisory Committee for the ATD TechKnowledge conference.

Whether it is motivating audiences worldwide, guiding emerging or executive leaders, or getting the crowd to sing along at gigs, Rick continues to inspire engagement in work, teams, and in life!


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