Amy Neumann

Amy Neumann

Organization - Advance Ohio


How Can You Use Your Careers Brand to Attract Top Talent?

Learning Objectives

1. Tips on how to develop, strengthen and promote your positive careers brand.

2. Insights on the impact a smart, strategic, and conversational social media plan can have and how to create it.

3. How to leverage your own data in new ways to provide deeper insights into your best talent, where they are, and what they're interested in learning to inspire them to consider a career with you.


Have you been wondering how all the behavior shifts caused by smartphones, social media, and 24-hour access to information have impacted the employment space in just the past couple years? Do you know the best ways to capitalize on them? Now that people can get answers and information about anything they want, in any format, on any device, at any moment, it has changed the careers landscape dramatically.

Now that people have access to all the choices and information about your company (and others) as they want, including opinions from friends and family on social media, being top-of-mind in a positive way has become critical. And it's critical well before someone decides to look for a new career. If your organization doesn't have a positive – and known – careers brand, it's tough to even get attention.

This session will cover what the impact of mobile internet usage being over 60% of all time online is; how social media creates a wealth of opportunity to listen and be proactive and engaging with talent earlier in their career search; and how your own data, and other available data, can scientifically allow you to develop engaging stories and messages that will capture attention and create an affinity for your organization.

All of these things make it easier to find the right people, in the right places, at the right time, to steer them your way.


Amy Neumann is a tech fanatic with a penchant for social good, who has been working professionally in the internet, technology and marketing space since 1994. After spending sixteen years in Los Angeles with companies like AT&T and Yahoo, Amy returned to Northeast Ohio to focus on how technology can solve challenges for nonprofits and businesses of all sizes. Amy is part of the Advance Ohio team, helping develop deep partnerships in the nonprofit and technology space. An entrepreneur by nature, Amy also recently founded a startup nonprofit called Free Tech for Nonprofits, and often speaks and publishes under her social enterprise business, Good Plus Tech. (Free Tech for Nonprofits will help provide technology and related resources to nonprofits. Technology can free up human time for things only people can do – providing more time for activites that really create the most impact.) Because she is so passionate about helping others crack the code on how to effectively use marketing and technology to achieve their goals, Amy speaks nationally on topics related to social media and strategic digital marketing at many events. Conferences and organizations include Dell's Social Innovation Conference, ASU's Sustainability Conference, the Midwest Social Media Summit, SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers), and SME (Sales and Marketing Executives). She is widely published, including as a contributor to Forbes, an author of PR News' Crisis Management Guidebook, a columnist for Huffington Post, and for two of her own sites, Good Plus Tech and Charity Ideas.


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